23 May, 2014

The difference a year makes

May 23rd, 2013; 0530

We saw that amazing 8 letter word in digi print... "PREGNANT"

Today, our beautiful Lilli is 14 weeks old, talking up a storm, and grabbing her toes!

Today, J is officially an O-5 select. 

My heart is bursting!


25 February, 2014

12 days old

We've survived 12 days without breaking her!  :) :) :)

Breastfeeding has been interesting. .. I had to start with formula supplementation via SNS tube in the hospital on sunday.  Apparently my 2 drops of colostrum wasn't cutting it.  Thankfully I was healing fine and Lilly stayed within their ' normal ' weight loss threshold so we got to go home on Monday.  What an exciting day!  We were both soo nervous!  We got home, looked around, and were like "ok now what?!" Haha.  10 minutes later I realized we had no formula and nothing for Lilly to eat. J scrambled to the store quick. 

Tuesday early morning I had some milk come in!  Was able to stop the formula that afternoon because I was pinning enough to feed her finally.  Such a good feeling!! By Wednesday, I was getting enough to stockpile in the fridge.  2-4 oz at a pump. Woot!  We had a little drama trying to figure out how to get off the tube. After an office call, numerous Facebook posts for help, and some tears I scheduled a lactation consult.  Friday was great because Lilly had gained weight and the lactation specialist was so helpful.  Today is Tuesday and aside from her being a sleepy nurser, we are rocking the boob.  Lilly is up to 8lbs 1oz today; big fatty!  

Sleep had been another story... She is so mixed up.  She sleeps fine in her crib but doesn't sleep especially well in the cradle in our room.  No room for the crib in our bedroom so we decided to upgrade to the 2 bedroom in 2 weeks instead of waiting until October.  I'm exhausted.  J is halfway sleeping because at this point he can't really help me at night time.  Luckily this girl is super cute and smiles big gummy grins in her sleep when she finally sleeps at 5am. So adorable my heart melts. 

We had our newborn photo shoot on Saturday.  We got a couple proofs- I can not wait to see the rest! !!!

Yesterday,  at 11 days old, she lost her belly button!

Its still hard to believe she's here....and she's ours! ♥

16 February, 2014

She made it!

Our little gal!  Lillian Rae delivered by Cupid instead of via stork.   Feb 14 @ 4:05pm.  8lbs 2oz and a whopping 21.5"! 

Labor/delivery was a gauntlet, man.  Pitocin for 30 hours (1 small break) & AROM before I gave in to the epidural.  Made it to complete dilation, pushed for 2 hours only to have her get stuck at -2 station.  C- section for failure to descend.  That was a doozy due to my other 2 abdominal/ovarian surgeries.  Now having issues with milk coming in...uuuugh!   Baby girl is such a cutie, though.  The pain & struggle & craziness is worth it ♥

10 February, 2014


Holy hell, I'm still pregnant!  Been having cramps,  contractions, and pressure for 8 days now... we've tried every wives tale in the book.   Except castor oil,  that doesn't sound pleasant at all. Ew.

I'm all about baby gjrl coming when she's ready and its her time.  Only problem is induction will be Friday if she doesn't figure it out by then. :(

I don't know what this chick is waiting on but it better be good!

08 February, 2014

Bumpdate 41 (yes, 41!)

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: Today I am 41+2.  Craziness!  J thought there was no way I'd make it to term.  I thought she'd be here for sure by yesterday.  Lol.  Apparently my breakdown at 37 about going another whole month was pretty legit.

Size of baby: No idea.  I refuse to get a horribly inaccurate weight estimate u/s done!  I measured 40 weeks yesterday. Fruit wise, she's been 'a watermelon' for awhile now.  ;)  we'll find out real weight & height soon enough

Weight change: -2 this week.  I've been bouncing between 212-216 since week 34.  Breaking 200 was rough but I've stayed within my goal of not breaking 215.  Technically still under the 35lb "recommendation."

Movement: baby girl is a rockin'!  Kick counts are usz completed in under 15 minutes... catch me before bed or before breakfast when I'm starving and it'll be under 5.  This chick loves her food! 

I always feel her in the same spots: hiccups in low low right, punches & kicks on the left mostly upper.  During our u/s yesterday we saw both feet And both hands squished up in the left corner.  Trying to figure out all those karate chops and pokes & rubs now makes sense.

Sleep: Snoring.  Tossing & turning.  Getting up to pee. Leaking primrose oil.  Contractions (some worse than others) That about sums it up. Its lovely.

Symptoms: my back feels mucho better! I think it helped a LOT when she dropped & lowered my center of gravity back low.

What I miss: margaritaaaaa.  Cant wait for one!  And delicious soft cheese. 

Cravings/aversions: at this point, nothing really.

Innie or outie: the top is still hanging on; it's the bottom that has given way!  Hahaha.

Favorite Moment This Week: passed our NST and fluid ultrasound with flying colors!  Even though she's late, agrees still thriving in there. Thank goodness :)

Worst Moment This Week: everyone frkn bugging me wondering if she's here yet.  Trying to hurry me and her up.  I'm trying to stay calm, cool, and collected and its driving me batty!  Yes, they're excited.  We are too.  She'll come when she damn well pleases- I have no crystal ball!

Looking Forward To: seeing her cute little face.

Daddy update:  J is pretty anxious.  At night, every time I roll over or get up to pee, he wakes up to make sure everything is o.k. Poor guy is looking tired already between that, my snoring,  and entertaining his parents. 

22 January, 2014


I noticed yesterday morning (along with hubby & my entire yoga class) ... she dropped! ! Yahoo!  Hopefully this means birth day is coming soon :)


Funny story to add:

My button is still technically innie but gosh, is it sore and tender!  The other day I banged it on the dresser and oof! Ouch! 
Later that day, we're watching football.  Hubby's on the couch, I'm on the ball hanging out.  Suddenly, he is frantic.  "Babe! Omg!  Your belly button just popped out!"

Cue heart attack for us both.  I grab around to try and hold it back.. or something. .. I don't know but I'm scared to look.  Groping around.... 

I don't feel anything strange so I look down.  All is normal??!!??  Turns my "popped belly button" was the drawstring on my pants.  *Huge sigh of relief*  We both had a good chuckle after our heart rates settled down. 

Ohhh J, always making life exciting ♥

17 January, 2014

Bumpdate 38!

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 38 +1

Size of baby:  from the app, 6.8lbs and over 19 inches!  Based on the midwives palpitation, about 6lbs.

Weight change: up to 212 but still below the 215 threshold.  Phew!  Last week I had gained 4lbs (Christmas?! Swelling?) But lost 3 this week??

Movement: as she runs out of room, movement is supposed to slow down but I've experienced the opposite!  Now I can feel every kick & rub and man, is baby girl a mover!  I can feel her in all quadrants but her fave is to kick my liver & ribs.  Her back is to the outside right of my belly so it usz looks a little crooked, too.

Sleep:  aside from snoring, great!  I've resorted to breathing strips for poor J, but they seem to do the trick.  I've finally included a quick nap into my daily routine.  I'm so tired and it helps rest my aching back.

Symptoms:  my fingers & hands feel like arthritis they are so stiff.  My left hip/SI gets stiff & stuck.  My feet look more like flippers they are so fat and my toes get tingly from the swelling.  (Luckily my flip flops still -barely- fit!)  Most of all, my frkn back hurts so so SO much.  Its debilitating and draining to be hurting so much all the time.  Ice & heat help barely.  I broke down and tried Tylenol which unfortunately did not help.  This week my shoulder is so sore and tender it feels like a pulled muscle :(  I could hardly chop onions the other day! 

Cravings: strawberries & Reese's Trees ice cream bars! Not Klondike, noooo. Has to be the tree shape.

Aversions:  cleaning the bathroom.  Hahaha

Innie or outie: still an innie!  It is sooo sore though. 

Im still doing yoga twice a week and waddling up the stairs when I can, hooray!  Our 2 mile walks have become more like 30 minutes due to my poor back.  Some days I paddle around the pool which is very nice!

Favorite Moment This Week: washing all her clothes, getting car seat installed, and hearing from the midwife that she thinks we are very prepared!   I feel as prepared as we can be :)

Worst Moment This Week: hearing I cant be induced before 42 weeks (protocol) unless medically necessary.  Cue massive meltdown.  I'm not exactly looking forward to 4 more weeks of... everything. Especially the waiting and anticipation....

Looking Forward To: meeting our baby girl!   Laverne & Wayne get into town on Wednesday.... which means its go time!

Daddy update:  daddy is looking very forward to taking care of mommy & baby.  He drinks coffee every morning in the glider. So cute.